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There are a few items that I would like to pass on to those who might be able to enjoy them.  The best way for this to take place is to contact me by email since they are one of a kind and cannot be sold in any other way than on a personal basis.  The payment for the would be through PayPal or by a certified check.   A PayPal payment would of course find you receiving the item much faster.   The pewter PLAYBOY Blazer buttons and PLAYBOY CLUBS KEY (cards and symbolic, numbered key issued for all clubs but this particular one out of San Francisco where I then lived) where I received the key as a gift from a business associate, are now available on a best offer basis.. 

From time to time other items will be placed on this site.

Below my two items is sculpture available from my brother, Ray.  The work is in limited edition and
the moldings made to order so those who are interested can email me and I will put them in touch with my brother. Ray.

email me
Raul daSilva
In 1966 I worked for a very large film studio, The Jamison Handy Organization, in Detroit.  One of our larger clients was General Motors and most of its divisions with the exception of Cadillac

John Z. Delorean was one of my favorite clients back then.  He was then a "golden boy" at GM and created the Muscle cars at the Pontiac Division.
John went on to create and manufacture the Delorean, the car that was seen in the feature film,. Back to the Future,   But years before, In gratitude, he sent me this very attractive set of PLAYBOY pewter blazer buttons.   I left them in the case and still have the same case in the mailing box sent to me directly from PLAYBOY from where John had purchased them.  
This is John with his auto design circa 1981.  He is now gone but his car is still being made to order NEW and sold on a limited basis.  The last time I checked it was around $60k but might be more at this time.  The car is made of fiberglass and stainless steel.
A second item I am selling is a Victorian era (circa 1890) Art Nouveau paper weight-letter opener.
It's a mermaid astride a dolphin and quite beautiful.  I've had it for many years and I am now selling it.  It's marked "premium pewter" and measures 9" X 1 1/4" at its widest point.
My brother's work:   (Ray daSilva)
Some time ago I purchased one of the inexpensive copies of the Maltese Falcon as developed for the 1941 John Huston movie with Humphrey Bogart.  I sent it to my brother who has been a sculptor since childhood.  Upon receiving it, Ray, who is also a former artist with Walt Disney, noted several problems in both the design and casting.  He did as much repair on it as possible, repainted it and sent it back to me.  Ray got to work and redesigned the Maltese Falcon after the Dashiell Hammett book of 1930.  Here it is just to the left of this text.

Below is the black bird from the 1941 John Huston movie.  Can you see any difference?  
In my view, the one from the movie, above right, is "pug ugly" and looks more like a cookie jar than a falcon.  Here, you can compare it to Ray's vastly superior rendition.   As of today I do not know how soon it will be available in limited edition but if you are interested in one of the limited edition pieces please send me your email address and I will pass it on to Ray.
This bas-relief that I call, The Greek Horseis one of Ray's most beautiful and original pieces.  In my current understanding he will also be offering this in limited edition.  It's a fairly large piece and can be a center point in anyone's home.

A few historic items for sale:
This is a photograph of the first edition of the Dashiel Hammett book.

These PLAYBOY key cards (wth original key shown here with black background around the rabbit logo.  The physical key that I have has the initials "SF" for San Francisco, where I lived at the time that the key was issued.   The metal cards, issued n 1963, are now rare as key cards.  A couple of years later, they were later replaced by the plastic cards seen just above.   Note that the later, plastic card, listed more Clubs as they opened in a wider network,