These books are a few examples of work published under my name.  I've ghosted three additional books for clients.  Most of my writing energy went into films of all kinds, including training films that were in dramatic form for production using actors in costume on location.  About 40% of the work I did was for clients in the fields of advertising, public relations and sales promotion mostly for top Fortune 500 clients.
This book received a first place national book festival award.  The wrap-around cover (back and front is one continuous illustration) is my design but rendered by my brother, Ray daSilva.   His friend, Sue Butterworth, a celebrated background artist for animation, created the background. Published by Eastman Kodak in 1979.  The book was at the top of the Walt Disney recommended books list for well over 10 years.
This second edition was published by Focal Press (Butterworth Heinemann) and followed the first edition (see to right)  It was in print by 1992..  Once again,
brother Ray daSilva did the art.
This first edition was published by Simon & Schuster in 1986.  Their distribution at the time was quite
terrible.  The book was virtually orphaned and the
printing took five years to sell out.

When I wrote this book for Kodak in 1977 we could see that digital recording was on the horizon but decided to cover analog recording since digital
was still mostly in the laboratory.  However, the nature of sound remains though the recording tech has changed.  I took this shot using Andy Olenick's
large format camera.  Andy is the one holding the
16mm Beaulieu film camera.  The transparency was purposely reversed for visual composition.
This was the first book of its kind on the non entertainment film industry known to me, to be published by anyone, back in 1978.   
A selection of published books: